Accreditation for Inspection Bodies

Accreditation Programs

Accreditation for Inspection Bodies

EAF offers internationally recognized accreditation programs for inspection bodies. EAF accreditation shows that an organization has met the international standard for inspection bodies and is qualified to carry out inspections.

Accreditation for Inspection Bodies

Inspection bodies that undertake calibrations or tests themselves must meet the requirements for calibration or test laboratories. Where applicable, they also have to participate in proficiency testing. EAF accredits inspection bodies on the basis of the ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

EAF provides ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation to organisations performing the following types of inspection, surveys and risk assessments:

Engineering Inspection (including Pressure Systems, lifting equipment/Hoists, electrical installations, power presses, local exhaust ventilation, cargo / pre-shipment inspection, manufacture of boilers/pressure vessels, welding inspections, oil, and gas metering)

Asbestos Surveys Legionella Risk Assessments Health and Social Care Care Home Inspection Nuclear New Build Inspection Fire Protection Systems Crime Scene Examination Railway Competence Plant Health Environmental Technology Verification.

The scope of accreditation defines the activities covered by an organization’s accreditation. EAF accredits inspection bodies for the following programs:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Medical electrical equipment
  • Medical gas piping systems
  • Commercial and industrial gas-fired installations

Inspection bodies evaluate the safety of specific products and materials. They also make sure that the associated facilities, equipment and systems fit the work being done. Inspections may evaluate services as well as physical assets.

Inspection bodies from around the world seek EAF accreditation as proof that their work is in line with the most current national and international standards and regulations.

EAF accreditation of Inspection Bodies provides these advantages:

  • Indicates compliance with the ISO / IEC Standard 17020.
  • EAF offers a personalized service to meet the needs of inspection bodies.
  • Accreditation increases the international recognition of audit reports.
  • Accreditation helps reduce costs for manufacturers and exporters by reducing or eliminating the need for review by the organization.